Lake Superior Wisconsin

Lake Superior Wisconsin

Young boy with ocean spray on him showing his joy of sailing


Lake Superior is the largest body of fresh water on earth with 3,000,000000,000,000 (3 quadrillion) gallons of water.  The lake has a shoreline of 2,726 miles and changes its water, based on drainage, every 191 years.  The largest of the Great Lakes, Superior offers an abundance of recreational activities for the visitor.  Lake Superior provides opportunities for sailing, power boating, fishing, swimming, smelting, ice racing and more.  It is the home of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, which consists of 21 of the 22 Apostle Islands.

Chequamegon Bay

The bay is a large, sheltered area that runs along the northern coastal edge of Ashland County.  Chequamegon Bay is considered a world-class fishery.  In addition, it provides a large area for recreational boating and beautiful scenery.  You will find parks, shelters, a marina and swimming beaches along its shores.


The rich maritime history of the Great Lakes is reflected in the Apostle Islands Lighthouse Celebration, an annual event held in September.  There are six Apostle Island lights, built from 1857 to 1891 to warn and protect ships.  The lighthouses are located on Sand, Devils, Raspberry, Long, Michigan and Outer islands.  The Breakwater Lighthouse is located at the end of the Ashland breakwall.