Hunting in Ashland County, WI

Hunting in Ashland County, WI



Game species are found across the county, and hunting opportunities abound in Ashland County.  Large expanses of remote public lands give the adventurous room to roam.  The large acreage and lower density of hunters make for ideal conditions.

White-tail deer are the most popular game species.  Bow hunters can find areas to hunt where they seldom see other hunters.  Bear hunters have always looked to Ashland County to find hunting opportunities.  Public land allows dog hunters and baiters to find areas to pursue bear.  Bear seasons start in early September.  Ruffed grouse are a popular target.  Bird densities will vary across the county.  Grouse hunters typically harvest occasional woodcock.  In addition, other small game species include gray squirrel and snowshoe hare.  Waterfowl hunters can find good hunting spots especially early in the season. Predator hunting is typically practiced by only a few hardy individuals.  Coyote and red fox are the usual game, although some bobcats are also hunted in Ashland County.


Water and dry land are the two categories of trapping in Ashland County.  Ashland County has an abundance of beaver.  Along with beaver ponds, you usually have otter and mink.  Muskrat populations vary considerably depending on the type of wetland.  Dry land trapping opportunities are plentiful with all the public land in Ashland County.  Coyotes are found throughout the county.  Red fox and raccoon are becoming more abundant.  Bobcat trapping is regulated by the limited number of tags issued and a few are trapped every year in Ashland County.  Fishers are the newest Wisconsin furbearers available to trappers.  The fisher population in the county seems to have stabilized.

Hunter Walking Trails

Ashland County is proud of the numerous Hunter Walking Trails found throughout the County Forest and Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.  These trails are closed to all motorized vehicles.  The trails are maintained and mowed for easier walking and navigation.  Sportsman’s Maps are available showing the Hunter Walking Trails in Ashland County.


Deer Season

Goose Season:  September 1st – September 15th

Ruff Grouse: September 16-January 7, 2024

Waterfowl Hunting

  • Northern Duck Zone: September 23 – November 21.
  • Open Water Duck: October 14-December 12.

Fall Turkey: September 16-November 17.

Bear Hunting
Zones A, B, D: where dogs are permitted

  • September 6-12: with aid of Dogs only
  • September 13–October 3: with aid of dogs, with aid of bait, with all other legal methods
  • October 4-10: with aid of bait, with all other legal methods not using dogs.